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If you want to sell your house, you may want to take a close look at your home's interior. That way, you can identify any potential home interior issues and address them as quickly as possible.

Determining the best ways to transform your home's interior from drab to fab may seem difficult, particularly for a first-time home seller. Fortunately, there are several proven ways to enhance your residence's interior, and these include:

1. Cleaning

If it has been several weeks or months since you last cleaned your house, there is no time like the present to perform extensive home interior cleaning.

Wipe down countertops, mop the floors and clean every room of your house. By doing so, you can make your house look clean and pristine.

Also, if you need extra help cleaning your home, you may want to hire a cleaning company. With a team of home cleaning professionals at your side, you can speed up the process of improving your house's interior.

2. Decluttering

Clutter is an eyesore that home sellers should try to eliminate. Luckily, there are many quick, easy ways to remove clutter from your house.

Oftentimes, one person's clutter is another's treasure, and you may be able to sell excess items at a garage sale or online. Set competitive prices for your excess items, and you should have no trouble stirring up interest in these items.

You also can donate excess items to charities in your city or town. Reach out to local charities, and you may be able to get excess items picked up from your house.

3. Interior Upgrades

If you notice home interior lights are no longer working, cracks or dents in your walls or other minor home interior issues, you should spend some time performing various upgrades and repairs.

In most instances, minor home interior upgrades and repairs may require just a few minutes to complete. Meanwhile, these home interior improvements can make a world of difference in the eyes of homebuyers and can help your home stand out to potential buyers.

Clearly, there are many ways to improve a house's interior in no time at all. But if you require additional assistance, you can always hire a real estate agent to help you generate interest in your residence.

A real estate agent knows exactly what it takes to bolster a house's interior. He or she can help you assess your home's interior and prioritize assorted home interior improvements.

Furthermore, a real estate agent will make it easy to navigate all stages of the home selling process. This housing market professional will help you list your house and promote it to large groups of potential buyers. Plus, if you receive offers on your house, a real estate agent can help you evaluate these proposals and make an informed decision.

Don't hesitate to enhance your home's interior. Instead, consider the aforementioned options, and you can take the first step to improve your house's interior.

This Single-Family in Dracut, MA recently sold for $452,500. This Colonial style home was sold by O’Connell Team - Exit Family First Realty.

135 Heather Road, Dracut, MA 01826


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
Your opportunity to own a home in the beautiful Parker Village neighborhood. This Colonial style home sits on a cul de sac and has 7 rooms, 3 bedrooms. The family room has a cathedral ceiling and wood stove look gas heater. Kitchen has updated cabinets and granite countertops. This home has a fireplace in the living room. Trex deck with vinyl rails and a patio in your private backyard setting. There is also a 2 car attached garage and an inground sprinkler system.

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When it comes to protecting your high-value home in your absence, few things beat an actual living, breathing caretaker who lives on the grounds. And you'll score bonus points for hiring someone who's trained in fighting fires or apprehending invaders. Your second line of defense should be a local monitoring service that can respond on-site or that can dispatch first responders to your home should something happen while you're away. 

Security Is More Than Just Doors and Windows

The cost of your security system should increase with the value of your home, say the experts. It's no good to have a standard alarm system installed on a home that's worth a million dollars or more. High-value homes need increased security, including:

  • Monitoring of Doors and Windows
  • Monitoring of Perimeter Fences
  • Monitoring of Indoor Temperature and Humidity
  • Presence of Back-up Power Sources 
  • Presence of Indoor Sprinklers
  • Monitoring of Heat, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • If a pipe breaks or a basement floods in your luxury home, you should instantly be alerted. Likewise, if power to your home is interrupted. Having someone on site to keep an eye on things is paramount. Receiving alerts to your personal devices and having the ability to alert local authorities is also vital. 

    Begin With Thoughtful Construction

    The best home security begins with prevention, and this includes thoughtful construction as the site is being chosen and the home built. Homes built in storm belts need to meet additional specifications such as using reinforced glass on windows and doors and the addition of hurricane straps. Homes built in flood plains should be constructed on stilts or should at least allow space for water to flow under and around the home without breaching it. 

    Hiring professionals builders and contractors who are experienced in luxury home construction is key. And if you're buying a luxury home pre-built or opting for a historic mansion that was built a century ago, be prepared to upgrade and fortify it to deal with today's home security threats. 

    Be Discerning With Technology

    The more technology your home employs, the more opportunities bad guys have to hack into it. Technology is good, but you should have other fail-safes available in the event that it ultimately fails or worse -- it becomes the source of the intrusion. Today's newspapers are filled with horror stories from homeowners whose home security devices were hacked and used against them. Make sure your home tech is backed by a service that employs real humans who can respond in the event of an emergency.

    Securing your high-value home is a lot more complicated than it used to be, which is why a bigger investment is required. Play it safe and consult with professionals who have experience protecting luxury homes before purchasing a home security system and simply assuming it's good enough to do the job required. 

    As a home seller, receiving the first offer on your residence can be an exciting experience. However, the initial offer on your home may prove to be insufficient for a number of reasons, including:

    1. The offer fails to meet your expectations.

    Ideally, a home seller will allocate the necessary time and resources to fully analyze a house before adding it to the real estate market. This will enable a home seller to establish realistic expectations for his or her house and price it accordingly.

    Conducting a home appraisal offers a great starting point for a home seller to determine the true value of a residence. This appraisal ensures a home inspector will examine a residence's interior and exterior. Then, the inspector will provide a report that details a house's strengths and weaknesses.

    With a home appraisal report in hand, a home seller should have no trouble establishing a "fair" price for his or her residence. And if an initial offer falls short of this price, a home seller can politely decline the proposal and wait for additional offers.

    2. The homebuyer has submitted a "lowball" proposal.

    In some instances, a homebuyer may submit a "lowball" offer in the hopes of acquiring a terrific house at a budget-friendly price. If a home seller cannot differentiate between a reasonable offer and a lowball proposal, he or she risks missing out on an opportunity to optimize the value of a residence.

    An informed home seller should examine the prices of available houses that are similar to his or her own. By doing so, this property seller can see how his or her residence stacks up against the competition and map out the home selling journey accordingly.

    Moreover, an informed home seller will mow the front lawn, trim the hedges and do whatever it takes to enhance a house's curb appeal. This home seller likely understands the importance of making a positive first impression on homebuyers, and as a result, will perform assorted home exterior improvements to help reduce the risk of receiving a lowball initial offer.

    3. The offer does not correspond to the current state of the housing market.

    For a home seller, it is essential to work with a real estate agent who can provide full details about the current state of the housing market.

    A real estate agent can help a home seller differentiate between a buyer's market and a seller's market. Plus, this housing market professional can provide honest, unbiased recommendations about whether a home seller should decline an initial offer on a home.

    Many real estate agents are available in cities and towns nationwide, and these housing market experts are happy to help home sellers in any way they can. If you employ a real estate agent before you list your home, you can reap the benefits of unparalleled guidance at each stage of the home selling journey.

    There is no reason to settle for a subpar initial offer on your residence. Instead, consider a first offer closely, and you can make an informed decision about whether to decline or accept it.


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    Keeping dogs well-groomed is an important part of helping them stay healthy and happy. The amount of grooming your dogs need depends on certain factors, such as the kind of coat they have or whether or not they tend to roll around in dirt or mud. The following grooming tips can help you keep your pups looking and feeling their best.

    Brush Your Dogs Regularly

    Dogs can end up with tangles or matted fur when it’s not brushed often enough. Brushing also helps distribute oils through their coat, which keeps their fur looking shiny rather than dull. Plan on brushing your dogs every couple of days or more often if they’re shedding. The kind of brush to use depends on their coat:

    • Long coats: For dogs with longer fur, a slicker brush can get rid of mats, and an undercoat rake can eliminate dead hair near the skin. 
    • Short coats: For dogs with short fur, pinhead or slicker brushes remove mats, and bristle brushes remove dirt and dead hair. 
    • Rough coats: For dogs with rougher or wiry coats, slicker brushes eliminate mats, while stripping combs help prevent tangles from forming.
    • Smooth coats: For dogs with smoother coats, rubber brushes pull dirt and debris up from the skin, and bristle brushes help remove it. 

    Give an Occasional Bath

    Dogs don’t need baths as often as people do. In fact, bathing them too often can dry their skin and remove natural oils that keep their coat shiny. You can bathe your dogs every few months or whenever they’re muddy or dirty after playing outside. You should use a shampoo made for dogs, since shampoos for people are too rough on their skin. Before bathing, brush your dogs to remove dead hair and mats. 

    Keep Nails Trimmed

    Long nails make it harder and more uncomfortable for dogs to walk around. They can also get caught on rugs or furniture and tear off. Dog nails should be trimmed when they’re long enough to reach the floor while they walk around. You can use scissors style or guillotine style trimmers, depending on how thick the nails are. Scissors style trimmers tend to work better on thick nails and dewclaws, while guillotine style trimmers work better on thinner nails. 

    For light nails, stop trimming before reaching the pink area, known as the quick. For dark nails, stop trimming when you see a pinkish or grayish color inside the nail. Keep a styptic pencil with you in case you do cut into the quick accidentally and bleeding occurs. This pencil, which contains silver nitrate, helps stop bleeding form occurring.